How Often Should I Get The Roof Of My House Inspected?

How Often Should I Get The Roof Of My House Inspected?

cleveland roofers at workThe type of roof you have is one of the most important aspects of how often you will need to contact our Cleveland Roofers at Final T Construction to get a check up on your roof. In this article, we will look at the different types of common roofs we come across and offer you suggestions and tips to make sure you can have a hassle free home from any leaks and other aspects a roof with issues might encounter.






The different roofs Cleveland Roofers often encounter:

  • Shingle Roof Types
  • Slate Roof Types
  • Asphalt Roof Types
  • Asbestos Roof Types
  • Rubber Shingle Roof Types
  • Ceramic Tile Roof Types
  • Metal Roofing Types
  • Concrete Roofing Types


The roof has an important aspect in any home. It protects your possessions, shelters you from all the wind and the rain. Over time roofs can degrade or get damaged through all different ways which usually ends up in a leak and then needing to call Cleveland Roofers to solve the problem.

There are 2 aspects to consider before calling us. One is to consider the type of material you have for your roof. At Final T Construction we find many different materials used in making of the roof. These different materials each have their own expected life span. Next you will need to know how old your roof is.

Having a rough idea helps to find when you need to call Cleveland Roofers to do routine expectation of your roof.

Another aspect to when you need to call a Cleveland roofing company is in an emergency, when there is other damage that has caused a leak and needs repairing.

Recommended Time To Get Your Roof Repair Done

We notice 2 types of clients at Final T. One is that they only act when there is a leak or a problem with the roof. Other types of clients call us for a general inspection and this is what we recommend.

A roof should ideally be inspected every 3-5 years depending on the material. Slate and Ceramic roofs generally last a long time, but due to the tile nature of these roofs it can often end up with some falls off. In these cases, a more regular inspection also benefits to save on costly damages to your possessions if there is a leak.

Where roofs are made from a lower life material you will definitely want to keep to a regular inspection. For example, ceramic roofs can last 100 years or more and slate roofs can last anywhere from 80 years to 200 years. On the other hand – asphalt shingle based roofs can last up to 35 years generally though some only last as low as 20 years.

Even with the differences of lifespan in roofs, there can be any number of problems that needs to be dealt with sooner than the overall expected lifespan of the roof.

 Roofers For Commercial Responsibility

When you have a home, often it can be easy to forget to get something important as getting your roof looked at by us, but for commercial situations where you have people in a building, you will want to make sure you regularly get the roof checked. In these situations we recommend getting the roof checked every 3 years.

When You Need To Call Final T Construction

Inspecting a roof may seem an unnecessary expense; however it does have many advantages. First it can save big. Often there will be small damages. We only notice when it becomes a big problem and there is a leak. The difference then is the difference of hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars in fixing the damages, not to mention the cost in replacing your valuables.

When you first buy a home, you will also want to get an inspection. You have moved into your home and now are looking forward to enjoy your time there, but then a leak happens! You can start off with good luck by getting an inspection when you move in.

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