And remove it you should. There are two ways to it. First, pick up the phone and call your friendly cleveland ohio roofers, or power washer. Or, do it yourself. But here’s the thing: Don’t put it off or the consequences for you, your roof, and your wallet could be pretty devastating.

How does it get there in the first place?

Moss develops in shady areas that are cool and damp, and get little sun. Starting as a thin layer, it lives on the tops of shingles, plus underneath. The more it grows the fatter it gets, eventually getting under the shingles and lifting them up. This is not something you want to have happen, because soon your entire roof can be lifted from the frame.

Tricks to removing moss from your roof,

There are quite a number of ways to get off roof moss, and a variety of commercial products that are available. For the most part, moss usually grows on the north side of homes where there is less light. One method of getting rid of moss is by using crushed rock salt. You can spread it around, dampen it with water, or simply wait for the next rainstorm. Another method is mixing a solution of common household bleach and water, and spraying it on the roof. This is very effective in killing the moss, and acting as a preventative for further growth. Yet another popular method is spreading powdered laundry detergent on the moss. This also kills the fungus, and in a couple of days, will have blown away. Then there’s the ever-popular white vinegar and water method. In any of these cases, however, you’ll probably want to buy a simple bug sprayer to spread your solution, whatever it may be.

A few more tips.

When spraying a roof, always start from the top and work down. Never, ever try to spray, or force your solution under the shingles, This will loosen and lift them up, doing a substantial amount of damage to the integrity of your roof, potentially costing you a lot of money. Also, you may use a broom or a brush to loosen the moss once it’s been killed, Here again, start from the top and sweep down so you don’t accidently lift up the shingles.


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