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Final T Construction Has Built a Reputation of Quality in Roofing for Over 25 Years. Call (216) 503-8595 For Roof Repairs

roof repair clevelandFinal T Construction offers quality roofing construction and home remodeling. With over 25 years of experience, Final T Construction is a name you can trust, because the reputation for quality speaks for itself. When it comes to roof repair Cleveland Ohio residents have turned to us over and over again. We are licensed and bonded in every service we provide and quality is our top priority. We know that a happy customer is a customer who will pass on the word of our good name and service, so every single job is VIP status.

Go With The Company With Decades of Experience For Your Cleveland Ohio Roof Repairs

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  • Residential Roof Repairs
    We do small repairs, whole installations, or re-installations on residential homes. No job is too small, we know that a small leak can turn into a huge problem that can make a home unlivable fast. Let our experience and reputation for quality turn your roofing problems into a distant memory. There is no such thing as a small leak because water damage affects much more than the area where it enters. Water damage can ruin walls, air quality, carpet, and more before you even really notice an issue. Do not ignore brown water circles on your ceiling, or musty odors after a storm, have your roof checked if you suspect a leak. And do not worry, one leak does not mean the entire roof will need to be replaced. We can do repairs on the damaged area only if needed.
  • Commercial Roof Repairs
    No job is too large, we have experience with large scale commercial roofing repairs and construction as well. Do not put off repairing something that can turn into a liability for your business. Call Final T to find out how we can solve any roofing issue you may have in your commercial building. From new construction to small repairs, we would love to do business with your business. After 2 and half decades of quality service in Ohio, we know the work it takes to run an effective business and take pride in every single job.
  • Storm Damage Repairs
    No matter the weather anomaly that caused the leak, we can quickly fix your storm damaged roof before the next storm has a chance to wear it down even more. Storms cause damage that require roof repair Cleveland Ohio, and we work fast to make sure that your family is quickly out of the elements. If you suspect a recent storm caused damage to your roof, or if there is an obvious scar, call us and your insurance company immediately. Remember to take pictures of the damage for insurance purposes. Keep in mind the sooner you call after a big storm, the higher up on the list you will be for repairs.


Go With The Best Roofing Contractor In The Cleveland Area

We are available 24/7, so if you have immediate damage that needs a late night visit, do not worry, it is normal for us. After assessing the damage on your roof, we can sit down and discuss your options. Every step of the process is smooth and painless, our prices are fair and your insurance can pay us even if they recommend another company. Most people do not realize that they do not have to go with the contractor who is in their insurance companies pocket; you are free to choose who does the repairs on your home. The entire process from consultation to the final day of repair and clean up is smooth and soon you will forget there was ever a roofing issue in your home to begin with. We take pride in letting you take for granted a great roof, because your roof should be one of those things in life you do not have to think too much about.

If you are looking to have your roof repair Cleveland Ohio, go with the company who has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and never compromises quality. Go with Final T Construction.

We pride ourselves in a job done right, efficiently, and in a timely manner. Our prices are fair and quality unsurpassed, call Final T Roof Repair today at
(216) 503-8595 for a consultation and quote. Call before your minor problem turns into a big one.

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