DIY Roof Leaks

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You do not want the story below to happen to you that is why it is important to get regular roof inspections. FinalT Construction knows the havec a leaky roof can cause your family. When it comes to emergency roof repair Cleveland Ohio has some of the best roofing contractors money can but, we excel above the rest with our experience and quality of work.

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So there you are, all set to sit down and watch the big game on the flat-screen. It’s raining outside, but you’re snug and warm in your house. You’re about to crack a beer when your wife yells from the kitchen – “Honey, I think you’d better come in here and take a look at this.” This does not bode well for the game, the beer, and you in particular. So you go to the kitchen and find a stream of water running down the wall. This is not good at all. It’s Sunday and you won’t be able to get anyone to come over till the next day. And the leak sure isn’t going to stop itself. Looks like you’re going to be the repairman, but first you have to determine where the leak is coming from. So, up to the attic.
It won’t be hard to find.
Light on and flashlight in hand, you start scouring the attic looking for leaks, and sure enough, there’s a gusher. Looks like a shingle got blown off and there’s a spot where the wood rotted through, and the hole is letting the water in. So, what do you do? First thing is to get some old towels and a bucket to catch the water, so it won’t further drip down to the kitchen ceiling. As a temporary solution you could try sticking a towel in the hole, but that a stop gap measure at best.

So what do you do?

Option 1 would be to use some black gunk found at any hardware store. You apply it with a trowel, even when the wood is wet. Pile it on, and that should stop the leak in its tracks. Option 2 is to use some expanding foam of the type plumbers use. It actually expands when applied on a wet surface. Option 3 is to get hold of some rubber roof seam sealer. You can spread that over the hole, and that also should take care of the problem.

By the way, forget about using wood putty, or masking tape to stop the leak. Those fixes just won’t work. And another important point: once you’ve stopped the leak with one of the three methods cited, you’re going to want to get on the phone and leave a message for your trusted roofer to get to you home as soon as possible tomorrow.
As for now? Go back downstairs, grab that beer, and get set to watch the 2nd half of the game. Well done!


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