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Final T Construction offers the gutter installation Cleveland trusts for high quality workmanship at the region’s lowest prices. Our installation teams have earned a reputation for prompt, reliable service to give you the protection you want at a price you can afford.

We can help you decide on the gutter for you. Our continuous or seamless gutters are almost leak-proof and are cut to fit on site. They are installed by the professionals at Final T Construction only after we make exacting measurements.

Gutter types, or profiles, for the home typically are five or six inches in width, but box gutters can be customized in larger sizes to handle more water. A foot of five-inch, K-style gutter with a downspout handles about 1.2 gallons of water without spillage, while six-inch gutters hold about two gallons a foot.

We at Final Touch Restore only deal in top rated gutters and gutter materials. There are a variety of styles and materials available, so we can provide you with a free consultation and help you decide which system would be right for your needs.

The Craftsmen at Final T Construction are experts at Installing:

[toggle_item title=”Aluminum gutters” active=”true”]These are the most popular of gutter systems and are about mid-range on the cost scale. They can be continuous or seamless, cut on-site to size, and are lightweight, and durable[/toggle_item]
[toggle_item title=”Vinyl and plastic gutters and downspouts (K-style)” active=”true”]These lightweight seamless systems do not rust or corrode, but could be damaged by heavy ladders or over time by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which can cause cracking and splitting. Quality vinyl gutters and downspouts will keep their color, or can be painted.[/toggle_item]

[toggle_item title=”Copper Gutters” active=”true”]Copper gutters — These attractive gutters are on the high end of the price scale and usually are reserved for restoration of classical buildings. They never rust and do not need painting, but they will turn green over time if not treated.[/toggle_item]

[toggle_item title=”Steel Gutters” active=”true”]Galvanized steel is a heavy material, but these gutters will resist damage much better than aluminum. However, over time they will rust and will need to be painted inside and out.[/toggle_item]

[toggle_item title=”Wood Gutters” active=”true”]These are rarely seen these days, except in restorations. They are expensive, and the wood originally used, old-growth cedar, is hard to come by.[/toggle_item]


Cleveland Gutter Installation is Our Specialty

Gutter systems can vary, depending on the age, style, and type of building. In addition to standard seamless gutters, Final Touch Restore has the experience, knowledge and equipment to install:

  • Half round gutters with round downspouts — These are typically found on homes built around the turn of the last century. They must be sized about an inch wider than K-style gutters to handle the same amount of water.
  • Integral gutters — This is a style from the 1960s that is aligned with built up roof material and can handle more water than other types. Unfortunately, it has a habit of leaking, which can damage the framing, soffit, fascia, and other areas if the lining is not replaced at least every 10 years.
  • Box gutters — Older homes, apartments, factories, and commercial buildings have this style, which can carry high volumes of water. The system is built into the roof overhang or on the bottom of the roof.
  • Fascia gutters (Specialty seamless gutter) — These are, as the name suggests, attached to the fascia board and sometimes are customized to act as the fascia.
  • RainPro gutters (Specialty seamless gutter) — This product is uniquely designed to provide the water capacity of a six-inch gutter while looking like a five-inch gutter. The miters, end caps, and hidden hangers are made to almost invisibly fit into your architecture.
  • LeafGuard gutters (Specialty seamless gutter) — This product has a patented design with a hood built into the gutter. This allows the gutter to catch and drain water while the hood blocks and sheds debris, keeping it from building up and blocking the flow.


When you are ready for the protection and value that the right gutter system can provide, call the professionals at Final Touch Restore. We will come to your home and go over your choices with you and schedule a time when we can inspect and measure the area and install the new gutters.

All of our installers are completely trained, licensed, and insured for your protection and we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. So contact the gutter installation Cleveland trusts and call Final T Construction today at 216-503-2060.

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