When it comes to gutter installation Cleveland’s natives Final T Construction know how to get the job done. Bad gutters can cause all kinds of problems to your property including water damage, ice dams and more. Proper gutter maintenance can alleviate a lot of situations that may occur. I recommend having your gutters inspected for damage once a year typically after the winter has ended so, any damage can be assessed from ice dams that may have occurred during the winter months.

There are a few things you can do to make sure your gutters are operating properly.

  • The first thing is to get your gutters cleaned out in the fall once all the leaves have fallen this will prevent your gutters from clogging up and causing water damage in your home most cleanings only need to be done once a year. This will also help prevent ice dams from forming in your gutters due to standing water.
  • Our second recommendation is to buy gutter guards they help protect your gutters from all the elements such as, falling debris, snow, rain and more. Gutter guards are a non-expensive option and are very effective at preventing major problems from happening to your home from damaged gutters.

Here are some non-evasive opinions we have received over the years from customers who needed gutter work done to their property.

“We had a gutter issue and called Final T Construction to take care of it. The owner, Mitchell, came out and while on the roof found some hail damage. He suggested that we contact our insurance company and file a claim. Burt came out and met the adjuster on the roof and spent quite a while showing him the damage. The claim was approved and we got a new roof. The crew got the job done in one day did a very good job of cleaning up when they finished.”

As you can see just recognizing small damage can land you a brand new roof from your insurance company. Gutters are just one part of protecting your home from the outside elements you need to able to find the right solution for your home and if you have old gutters you should think about replacing them in the future using a certified gutter specialist to complete the job.

We have been serving the community for over 25 years which makes us one of the tier 1 experts to turn to when you have a gutter problem. We look forward to hearing from you in the future.


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